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I started DJ-ing in 2016, under the name Chai Mami. After I dropped my visual album in 2021, that title didn't fit anymore. Below are the top picks of my early mixes.

They Used to Call Me "Chai."

Real Friends, Real Stories, Really Black.

"Our hour, of Cocoa Power," 

as said and named by our writer, Shomari Johnson. 


The Cocoa Power Hour was our weekly radio show and safe space for black young adults, on our campus and beyond. Our mission was to show that blackness is not a monolith, and to address community taboos and "uncommon interests" with a touch of humor.

The show originally aired on Urban Knights Radio, as an affiliate of the Academy of Art University Black Student Union. 


We decided to branch out with the hope to expand, but mutually disbanded in Summer 2019 to pursue other projects. 


The best part of doing this show, and what made me take such pride in it, was doing this with some of my closest friends. I'm honored and humbled to have seen our confidence develop through our work together, as well as the show's resonance with our audience. 

the Hosts that do the most

Lelonnie taylor (Executive producer)

shomari johnson(Writer/dj)

CAT Lucas-Dorsey (Logistics/Social Media)

Dustin Davis (Audio Engineer/DJ)

My Mixes
The Cocoa Power Hour
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