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For the last year and a half, my primary focus has been playing with sound, and incorporating it into my own installations. In Addition, I produce/edit podcasts. 


It was an honor to be interviewed by my friend and previous collaborator, Kyri Nashiem. In this episode, I talk about my shift in creative philospyh, love, and my recent surgery. 

On-Air at Fault Radio 

A Guest Mix of Esoteric/Obscure Tunes

My Practice of Rest & Release

Installation, April- August 2022

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Lonald J. Baandz, bandcamp

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Cinem Clurb Podcast

If you like film reviews and sizzling sarcasm- this is the pod for you. I have the honor of being the new producer/editor of this show hosted by Jarred Gregory Grimes and Erika Arnold.

Restauraunties Podcast

Okay- Dish! When Victoria and Justine asked me to join their team, it felt like I was sitting down to a fresh bowl of mac'n'cheese. It's home. This is a savory listen about the WOC experience of working in food-service (at all levels), with a side of tea. 

cinema clurb podcast
restauraunties podcast
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