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I, like many others, used to believe that shadow work was a somber, introspective journey to be completed in isolation. Making this project showed me otherwise. 

What started as an angry outlet to avenge messy partings with past lovers, ultimately became a lesson in seeing myself as a whole. 

While I wrote, produced, directed, performed, mixed, and edited the music and film: I couldn't have done this without my wonderful team. 

I'm eternally grateful for their faith in me and this project, and I'm humbled to now see myself as they do. These are the folks that helped make this happen:

Salome El (Cinematographer/Assistant Director)

Omer Antonio Laval (Recording/Mastering Engineer/Assistant Director)

Donovan Smith (Production Assistant)

Chris Watts (Production Assistant)

Tyler Denise (Wardrobe & Styling) 

Veronica Martinez (Camera 2/ MUA)

Daniel Miramontes (Camera 3)

Full Cast

Kyri Nashiem (Byron)

Ellis Newton (Shaad)

Sterling Hawkins (Other Girl)

The Bearers of Burning Roses:

Lovelle Casey

Ahmad Walker

Donovan Smith

Omer Antonio Laval

A Visual Album,

and Reconciliation With My Past Selves

Sights, Sounds, and Origin Stories

Due to the dense nature of this project, I released it in parts to make it easier to digest. 

Take what resonates, leave what doesn't. 

Click to read the interview (As quoted from the DocUmentary) featured in Issue 8 of ThE ANA Magazine.

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All The Music Videos, All in one Place.

Do you Prefer Music Without The words?

Vibe out to the instrumentals.

WannA Know How The Project Was Made? Watch The Doc. READ THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT HERE.

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The Documentary

A Photo Essay of A Love Triangle

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